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Destiny's Garden

Herbs, Edible Blossoms, Wild Foods, Heirloom Vegetables

Photo Gallery

Foraging in Iowa! Foraging in Iowa! Serviceberries With a taste like a blueberry but with a bit more depth and pop, serviceberries (known by other names depending on region) are often grown as landscaping/ornamental trees. 206025340 Wild Mushrooms! One of our favorites is this chicken of the woods (Cincinnatus variety, similar to "sulfur shelf" but with white pores and underside). It has a texture just like chicken and fabulous rich mushroom flavor. 206025341 Stinging Nettle Who'd ever think such a painful sting would come from such a healthy plant? The early spring leaves of stinging nettle are loaded with vitamins and minerals - great lightly steamed with a touch of sea salt, garlic, fresh squeezed lemon, then topped with a bit of feta cheese and freshly cracked black pepper. Also dries really well to make a super tea. Just harvest with gloves on and take only the top few sets of leaves. 206025350 Morels Mushroom mania starts early at Destiny's garden. Our five year old buddy spotted this beauty by the old apple tree. Nice work, young sir! 206025351

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