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Destiny's Garden

Herbs, Edible Blossoms, Wild Foods, Heirloom Vegetables

Photo Gallery

2012, rebuilding, flourishing! 2012, rebuilding, flourishing! Lovely Red Leaf Lettuce 161150880 "Empress of India" heirloom Nasturtium These little beauties are not only great to look at, but they have a great kick and add zest to salads -- you can even use the flower buds in lieu of capers, did ya know that? Cool! 161150881 Sweet Cherry Tomatoes... they begin This was taken three weeks ago, and now the plant has taken over a BIG chunk of the tomato patch and is LOADED with sweet, tangy little nibbles that taste like summer on your tongue. 161150882 Heirloom Opal Basil Oh man, is this the most beautiful basil you've seen or what? I can't wait to make you some sweet, delicious, garnet-colored jelly. Yes, we'll have samples to taste at market :-) 161150883 Heirloom Rainbow Chard We have some really fat bunnies running around here because this is so tender & delicious. I was thinking rabbit stew sounded good the other day when I went out to find HALF of my chard nibbled down to the stems, but lo and behold there are cute little baby leaves coming on where the rabbits left off. There is still hope! 161150884

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