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Welcome to our garden! Enjoy a leisurely virtual stroll through the organically grown herbs, edible flowers and heirloom vegetables. Feel free to ask questions or make requests for hard to find items. While we do not sell plants or have a public storefront, we do have a fairly extensive background in organic gardening which includes cultivation, seed saving, alternative pesticides (natural & chemical free), companion planting and more that we are happy to pass on to anyone needing such information. You may also find our herbs at local restaurants and markets, and formerly as part of CSA shares at Matthew 25's "Cultivate Hope" Urban Farm.

Want to learn about growing herbs organically? We love giving folks good hands-on education! Come help us for a couple hours, we'll share not only our knowledge and advice, but typically send our helpers home with a bag full of garden goodies too. Shoot us a message using the Contact Us page for more information. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Some non-related but interesting Trivia and Quotes:

Destiny's Garden is the Realm of Destiny of the Endless in Sandman and other DC Comics. It is similar in concept to Jorge Luis Borges's Garden of Forking Paths. It can be entered through an maze or labyrinth.

“Walk any path in Destiny's garden, and you will be forced to choose, not once but many times.”

~Neil Gaiman, Author

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